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How to save money during Christmas and New Year?

How to save money during Christmas and New Year?

Christmas and New Year celebration is a part of Filipino culture. It has been a tradition of festive, gift exchanges and having new things to show during Christmas and New Year. Add that to our traditional visits to our relatives in provinces to celebrate these unique days. Often our budget is low after the New Year because of the huge amount of spending. Here, we will teach you the ways to save money on Christmas and New Years.

Budget ahead.

It’s a common practice of saving but some forget to do it. Projecting your expenses for the coming holiday will help you save more. Having a carefully planned budget will save you from unexpected spending. Allocate enough budget for food preparations, gifts, and other expenses. Doing this is like making a blueprint for your Christmas and New Year. You can decide what and where your money should go.

Shop early.

Avoid buying or rush hour. As a basic rule for supply and demand, the greater the demand, the higher the price. Buying ahead of Christmas season means buying at regular price or even sale price. Food like ham, canned fruit, frozen product, condiments can be purchased as early as possible. Household things and clothing can also be purchased and kept until Christmas or New year’s day.

Prepare your own food

Open your smartphone. Search the web for cooking tutorials. Learn how to prepare your own food during these holidays will save you a lot instead of buying. Traditional food like cured ham, letchon and sweets can now be made at home, courtesy of online tutorials.

Beware of the sales offer.

Business and online shops will surely offer you with promos and freebies during this coming holidays. But beware, unless they are giving for free, take it. But when the offer you a simple trick like buy this at half the price and get more, then that the red light. No business will sell for less. Although it’s not bad to get into this offer. Avoiding this will save you a bit.

Know how to say stop

It is a time of merrymaking but that does not equate to more spending. Learn to push the brake. Say no if it not needed. Refuse if it not necessary. Always remember that you should have enough budget for the coming year.


Always treat this coming holidays as normal traditional merrymaking days. Put more emphasis on our relations with friends and family rather than materials things. Giving and sharing is always the theme of Filipino Christmas and New year. Let’s continue to practice the same without harming our budgets.

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