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Effective use of Facebook on selling and business promotion

Effective use of Facebook on selling and business promotion

No one cant deny the effectiveness of Facebook especially on selling and business promotion. With over a 2.19 Billion users worldwide, it is the most popular social media available. With the help of Facebook, millions of business and individuals got their free promotions. Since it’s a free posting platform, almost any sort of media campaign can be launch either for free or paid. However, in order to maximize the presence of your online business, you must consider the following:

Profile building

The basic requirements to use facebook is to create an account. In relation to business, your profile must be well written. Use every available text area to show your identity and if possible your purpose. You must create an atmosphere of trust whenever someone visits your profile. Make it public as possible. Let others discover your photos, browse your timeline and read your comments.  A regular series of post and updates indicates that you are active on social media. A private profile or with limited available post and data may cause suspicion. Remember, a fake account is so rampant on Facebook that it becomes a normal scenario. Brought to you by free social media.

Business page

Put a touch of professionalism on your business. Facebook page is created for that purpose. Unlike personal accounts, pages cant add friends, rather, it relies on follows and likes from invites sent by page admin. It’s a good avenue to launch campaign same regular account and the best part is it has analytics. You can monitor how many Facebook users saw you post as well as its likes and shares. Pages can also be customized for product posting. So if you still didn’t have, try to create one now.


The more the merrier. The more active friends, the better. Same also with likes and other response. The comment section on each post provides a good venue for you to be discovered by another Facebook user. Try to join a conversation and post a series of valuable comments and you’ll receive some follows and friend request out of the blue. Being active on posting your business and joining the thread of conversations means a lot. And one of that is being visible to your friend’s group.


It’s a common idea especially to ordinary Facebook users that if you post something then it becomes visible to all of your friend and others. Sad to say that not the whats happening. Facebook employs an algorithm to take care of how their website behaves. This ensures that only when a set of parameters are met by a post then it will be shown to its target audience. The tricky part is that the algorithm remains in the cloud of secrecy and only announce through an opaque media release. Remember Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 announcement that they will prioritize “meaningful interactions” from friends and family over content from brands. That’s one hint on the changes that we are experiencing now using the largest social media platform. Since that’s the current algorithm, people with business using Facebook may find it difficult to expand their marketing.


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Things to consider

*Less active friends, less visible. Whenever you add someone or someone adds you as a friend, try to start a simple conversation. A few exchanges of a welcome message could indicate that there is a friendly discussion happening. Remove friends that are not responsive to your messages. They will just bring down the popularity of your post due to their inactivity.

* Comments matters. This is the indications of active engagement of your post from other users. It quite noticeable that post with the new comment is often jack up to the first level to entice more participants.

*Avoid clickbait post. Post with hanging questions and those with fantastic rewards had long been lost their charisma from these social media giants. Although it provokes interactions, often the end result does not benefit all of its participants.

*Do not post multiple times. As we stated above. The more you post with no engagement, the less popular you will get. Revising your post in every group or pages means its another original post. Be sure that your post has a valuable content then it will get more attention and engagements.

*Use descriptive and but not so brief post. A well-crafted post compose of several sentences are noticeable than those posted with enumerated descriptions of something. Remember, when posting for your business, do it as if they are your family or close friends.

*Encourage love comments rather than likes. Post with more love comments is more visible compared with those with likes.

*Timing is essential. A post will likely to get an engagement when people are online. Early in the morning, after lunch and 5 pm onwards are the time when most of the people get online. Don’t forget the day. Open your Insight tab on your FB page and try to study when do people mostly engage on your post.

*Consider audience timezone. As we know, many sellers join other groups as long as there are potential buyers, even it is abroad. Adjust you posting time to suit different timezones. Don’t just throw the ball, throw it when there’s someone else to catch.

*Don’t invite on your page instantly. Inviting friends to like your page is a critical step in your business. Do not invite them immediately. Let your page have a substantial content so that friends may have the reason to like it. Otherwise, you are just losing this invite function that can never be reverted back once ignored by the receiver.

* Engage on live video or even recorded ones. You might notice the surge of an online seller, conducting live ordering. It creates a lot of audiences since it easier to interact since you don’t need to read like in a lengthy post.

Try to experiment on your own, besides, you can post whatever you want. Be watchful for changes. Knowing the latest trends on Facebook can be beneficial to your business because you are not just punching in the air.

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