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Why my Facebook selling is not effective?

Why my Facebook selling is not effective?

We often time stumble upon blogs about successful  Facebook selling. Blogs and videos online show us frequently how to become an effective facebook seller. But wait, not all have the same circumstances. It would be better to tackle what are the reasons why some fail on Facebook selling. It’s like knowing your sickness first before buying the right medicine.

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms out there to sell. With more than 2 billion users and still growing, selling products online becomes easier. That’s supposed to happen. But why some or most seller is n’t that effective on selling on facebook? Let’s look at this major reason why some fail on selling on Facebook:

  1. Few connections.

As the saying goes, “The more the merrier”. Every time you post something on your wall. Facebook algorithm tends to show this to your friends and followers feed. Do not assume that all Facebook user will see your post. Only those connected with you will see your post as it is relevant to them since you are their friend. Invites as many friends as you can but do it in a natural or slow way to avoid being blocked. Maintain interaction with your friends as Facebook algorithm tend to connect you to someone you recently liked, chat with and even simple exchange of comment. Maintain interaction to get more attraction.

  1. Wrong timing.

Posting your offer, item or products on Facebook must be done during the selected time. According to one statistics, highest traffic occurs from 1 to 3 pm Tuesday to Thursday. While that might true, let’s consider the fact that Philippine timing is just part of that statistics and there’s a chance that ours may be different. Just try to observe what time of the day we usually spend checking our smartphone. Best time to post is early in the morning, 9 am break time for most students, after lunch and past 5 pm onwards. If your target audience is from a group outside the country, try to adjust your time of posting.

  1. Irrelevant Post.

Friends are friends, everybody is interested in you to post but not all are interested in what you are selling. Be sure that your post is somewhat interesting to your friends. Don’t just throw something out there. Remember that a happy friend (interested in your post)  usually share your post on their wall. You can either select your post or select your audience in order to be effective.

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  1. Wrong audience.

Facebook groups are created for the same interest of its members. Some groups have more sellers than potential buyers. And since you have other interest that is not related to what you are selling, your post on other groups may not be approved or may result in your expulsion. You cant post car products from food lover groups and vice versa but try to establish a relationship like Food delivery truck, etc.

  1. Negatively popular.

Try to start your post with the word ‘Networking’ and you’re out of the seen. Although networking itself is not bad at all, people will tend to relate it to somewhat not so good things that need to avoid. Clickbait wording that seems so attractive but frequently used may lose their significance. Recent Facebook algorithm retains relevant or meaningful content and focuses away on clickbait. Notice that paragraph long post usually appear and gain more audience and interaction. Try to put a unique story on your product and you will notice the improvements.


  1. Too much seller.

Unless you are selling one of a kind products like personalized items or custom made, your chance of having a buyer are slim. Remember, you are not the only one out there selling the same stuff. Facebook becomes saturated with a post on selling. Try to be unique on your own way and avoid copy-pasting products description as it pulls down the relevance of your post. Find more avenue to sell online. You can also post on as it is 100% free posting for regular or featured ads.

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      7.  Too much to hide.

Have you ever notice a seemingly attractive post with lots of comments but replied with PM SEND(instead of PM Sent)? It triggers our curiosity as to what are they talking behind but often result in more people avoiding that post. Although its a must to discuss private details, cutting the comment thread with PM Sent will definitely reduce your interaction. Respond as many comments as possible then when its time to discuss a private matter, them to check their inbox. Proper decorum exists also online.


Sum it up.

This is just some of the major reason why you are not that effective in selling online. Always remember that your interaction with your online environment will define the outcome of your selling activities.




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